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  • So here’s the buzz beginning about the Blah Blah Blogging Bootcamp…

    Blah Blah Blogging for Business Conference–
    Bloggers and Businesses Coming Together at Beyond Social 101 Blogging Bootcamp
    – by
    Grace Duffy, Tech Columnist,

    People start blogging for a variety of reasons. Some enjoy having a creative outlet and a community. Others are driven by a passion or interest. ¬†Then, there are the people who have admitted to starting blogs for the windfall of “free” stuff, which is like having a baby because you want someone to love you…READ MORE HERE

    Press Release:  Blogging for Business and Brand Building Conference (By Women, for Women) Coming Soon!
    – by Monica McGee

    This conference, networking, and social media event is hosted by Talk Social Networking and Girls in Tech to help businesses and individuals boost their personal brand and establish an online presence in the fast growing virtual world of business.


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