Why attend

  • Many technology conferences…

    • are not accessible to less techie folks…
    • are led by men…
    • are expensive to attend…
    • offer little to no hands-on support…
    • provide little post conference guidance to ensure success…
    • don’t necessarily offer dynamic content (in other words, BORING!)…

    We’re cracking the code and shaking it up a bit!

    Here’s what’s hot about the Blah Blah Blogging for Business conference:
    The only premier Mid-West regional conference on blogging for women, by women, especially Girls in Tech!
    • It’s FREE with tuition reimbursement (thank you, generous sponsors!) with a percentage of proceeds going to the ROX program to empower Columbus city girls.
    • Designed specifically to teach hands on-strategies, trends and tools to build and EXPAND your brand online.
    • Will empower smart-savvy businesswomen to be smart-savvy bloggers withcost-effective ways to build brand equity!
    • Offers support to women between jobs/careers to land their next gig!
    • Two days of conference sessions…go from 0 to 360 in no time flat!
    • Follow up support on all sessions!
    • An invaluable opportunity for female writers, thinkers, and entrepreneurs!
    • Do you have articles, perhaps a book you’ve written or cool tips and tricks youare just waiting to share with prospects? –We’ll show you how to build a site, manage your brand and re-purpose your content!
    You don’t want to miss this rare chance to connect with other creative, smart women and learn how to be a new media powerhouse!

    Kick off the first quarter of 2011 with a more dynamic online presence.


    Register today and make sure you get a seat at this ONE OF A KIND Columbus event!

    Register for Blah, Blah, Blah - Blogging Bootcamp for Business http://www.beyondsocial101.com in Columbus, OH  on Eventbrite