• Dear prospective attendee, sponsor and presenter:

    Have you heard about Girls In Tech?

    We’re launching this networking / learning event to raise the visibility of women in technology.

    We also believe that women in business, as well as individuals who need to re-enter the workforce, need

    support in building their personal brands and dominating the Internet. AND Girls in Tech wants to provide a


    This full day of hands-on instruction from local and regional experts will teach participants:

    1. how to effectively build a professional business blog/website;

    2. how stretching their credibility and online brand equity;

    3. and how to leverage Internet with powerful strategies, trends and tools.

    Our draft framework includes a FREE networking kickoff event the night before.

    The conference includes breakfast & lunch, breakout sessions, a panel discussion w/ Q&A, resource booths,

    conference program and handouts, as well as the following niche sessions:

    • blogging for business

    • blogging for brand building

    • monetizing your blog

    • building membership communities with a blog

    You are invited to support/sponsor this in any way possible (skip to the sponsorship pages in the back to discover affordable advertising opportunities.


    Tiffany O.

    Managing Director, Girls In Tech Columbus

    Global Social Media Manager & Chapter Mentor, Girls In Tech

    @gitcolumbus | @tiffanyodutoye

    800.991.7538 x205